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Okay, so the basic idea here is... It's a suggestion community, because people seriously overlook some great fanfiction out there because of the overplayed and overburdened state of the genre. Primarily it is for Linkin Park fanfiction, but by all means, if you come across something else that is indispensable, suggest away. Original or another genre, we're open minded.

In the Info you will find a layout for suggesting a fic, or you will eventually. Once you have posting rights, if you find something that you think is worth sharing, by all means do. But please, no shamelessly plugging your own work.

Title: (link to fic)
Fandom: (if appropriate)
Author(s): (link to author's page)
Genre: (angst/AU/you get the idea)
Status of fanfiction: (how many chapters so far/completed)
Number of words: (not necessary but it's useful)

Quote: (from the fic that you like)
Your rating for this fic: (out of 10)

p.s. this is a closed membership, for people who would like to join please contact either fyrmaiden or kiba_kai [MSN/email: budveizer@hotmail.com]

Another community for recommending fanfiction: sinuate